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On 29 July I will be staying awake for 24 hours and blogging every 30 minutes to raise money for World Vision as part of the Blogathon 2006.

I’ve decided to have a cooking frenzy during the night to keep me awake, as well as giving me something to blog about!

Here are some ideas that I will choose from:

  • Lasagne. Stuart would kill me if I didn’t make a tray of lasagne.
  • A cake of some kind. Baking is not really my thing, but I’m dabbling with it at the moment
  • Bread. Maybe one of those spinach and fetta pull-apart loaves. I’ve found the best spot right next to the heater in the Horsham unit to let dough rise.
  • I’ve always wanted to dabble with sourdough, so maybe I’ll get a starter started. John Ross has written a great article for beginners about sourdough baking.
  • A herbacious chicken in the rotisserie. (Yes, my oven has a rotisserie function, and I love it. Any time I use it I end up sitting on the kitchen floor just staring at the chicken turning in the oven.) I’ve always meant to try out Nigella’s stuffing for her Georgian Stuffed Chicken in Feast.
  • Some baby baked ricotta tarts of some description.
  • I could indulge in my dumpling fetish and make a batch. They’re nice and freezable.
  • I’ll dust off the old pasta maker and make some ravioli. (Once again – freezable.)
  • Jam! Yeah, jam. Sometimes a girl’s just gotta preserve. Or some chutney. Years ago mum made an unbelievable chutney that was sooo good with barbecue chicken.
  • Some fresh jam doughnuts… Mmm… doughnuts… I should make the jam first and the doughnuts last.
  • A big pot of chilli con carne
  • Maybe I’ll go very tapasy and make lots of little things? Pork and glass noodle balls? Tempurah battered zucchini strips? Some incy wincy kartoffelpuffers (the German name for potato pancakes, that I just love saying)
  • Crispy, sweet, sticky, gooey baklava
  • A tagine of some description in the slow cooker
  • Some bikkies. Maybe some madeleines? I haven’t made those in years.
  • A pie. A savoury one that I can leave on the window sill to cool. I wish I had a picket fence too. Or maybe a sweet fruity one. Oh wow – imagine a quince pie!
  • I’ve got a bunch of pecans I need to use. And I’ve had some dates hanging around the cupboard for a while.
  • I could make and freeze a stack of pancakes. Those great thick fluffy buttermilk ones.
  • Ooooh… florentines!
  • I’ve got heaps of lemons on the tree out the back. I should do something with those. Maybe lemon butter? Lemon curd? Preserved lemons? Or maybe some lemon cordial?
  • Nigella’s sinful chocolate brownies. These can go to Horsham with O to sell at work. I don’t want them anywhere near my hips.
  • A slice of some description, to go to Horsham too. I found this great article, Slices to Savour in Epicure. They advise to always have “a pot of tea on the go” when making slices. Maybe I should knit a tea cosy too?

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  1. Dave
    October 21, 2015 at 5:56 pm (4 years ago)

    HiI am interested in joiinng your one day course in September, are there any spaces left? Also, do you work on a private basis with clients (classes or blending) and if so how?Thanks a lot!Amanda


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