The Ratatouille Garden

At this time of year the garden is overflowing with deliciousness, and vastly more produce than we can eat. The chooks are happy recipients of leftover veg, and anyone who stops by leaves with a selection of goodies. One of my favourite veg dishes is ratatouille, or “Dadatouille” as it’s known at our place, as O makes a particularly good pot of it. So I planted a Dadatouille bed with capsicum, zucchini, tomatoes and eggplant. Mmmmm…

Today we picked the first of our watermelon. I planted about six seedlings in a big pile of dirt O had dumped next to the orchard, and it is now covered in vines. I’ve been keeping the water up to it, so the grass has grown back lush and green over the mound, making it hard to spot the watermelons. But the kangaroos help out – I can see where they have nibbled the grass down each night.

M and I learned how to tell whether a watermelon is ripe. You need to look for a brown “tendril and spoon”, the tendril being the little curlicue nearest the stalk, and the spoon being a tiny curved shaped leaf growing near the tendril. When they are brown, the watermelon is good to go. I love love love that she is learning this stuff alongside me :-)


Tomatoes, bound for a pot of bolognese


Seed saving sugar baby watermelon seeds and marigolds. It’s easy to get the kids to spit out the watermelon pips!


Our first ever hatch in the incubator resulted in four boys and only one girl. This is our lone lovely lady.


Silver laced wyandotte cockerels. Aren’t they beautiful boys?


Black beauty eggplant. I hand pollinated these beauties, so I feel a particularly special glow of maternal pride.


Capsicum¬†is just getting started… FINALLY! O makes a particularly delicious ratatouille, so I planted all the key ingredients for him in one bed.


Golden zucchini is RAMPANT at out place!


The pumpkins have escaped the beds.

IMG_9033 IMG_9042

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