Eating our way around NYC

This post is a little late. In fact it’s very late, as it was well over a year ago that O and I went on a crazy one-week child-free splurge in New York City.

But a friend is planning a trip over that way and asked me for some favourite places that we found to eat. Yes, in only a week we definitely found some favourites. O and I ate our way around Manhattan with such gusto that we both gained several kilos in our seven day binge, thanks to these three places and many more!

Big Wong King
In NYC’s Chinatown is a real gem. It’s a cheap and cheerful quick bite to eat kind of place, but the food is clean and sharp – a world away from your typical Chinese greasy spoon. The friend who recommended Big Wong King to me said she ate there twice during her trip to New York, and I can understand why. We were tempted to do the same ourselves, but with a city like this you really should be seeking as many new treasures as as possible.
Tip for Big Wong King: Order something at random. It’s all good.

If you want to feel like Tony Soprano but still stay close to the theatre district, try Carmines. It’s your typical wood-panelled spaghetti-with-clam-sauce, pork-chop-and-peppers kind of a place. My brother, who lived in NYC for a while, recommended this place, and we managed to squeeze in a meal there before seeing a show on Broadway. When we ordered the waiter talked us out of ordering a dish each and suggested we just get one. So we chose a veal chop.

We both morphed into Fred and Wilma Flintstone when the monolithic brontosaurus shank arrived at our table. It could have fed twenty people! Served on a bed of creamy polenta, I had to dig deep to find the glutton within to eat a fraction of the platter. My only regret about Carmines was that we didn’t go there with 15 other people, as the menu is really designed for huge family feasts.
Tip for Carmines: Bring your fat pants

O and I both love tapas, so when I heard about Degustation it was high on my list of places to try out during the New York Eatfest. Specialising in small morsels of deliciousness, this restaurant is as tiny and well-designed as its dishes. Degustation seats 16 people at a long u-shaped bar that wraps around the kitchen. The chefs are the star performers here. You’re sitting so close to their workspace you can watch every move of mastery they make.
Tip for Degustation: Go on, splurge on the ten course Degustation and wine matching. It’s worth it.

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