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The Ratatouille Garden

At this time of year the garden is overflowing with deliciousness, and vastly more produce than we can eat. The chooks are happy recipients of leftover veg, and anyone who stops by leaves with a selection of goodies. One of my favourite veg dishes is ratatouille, or “Dadatouille” as it’s known at our place, as […] Read more…


Two faces

Anyone reading this blog who doesn’t know me may have a very different impression of me than the truth. It may seem to some that I am an apron-clad, jam-making, cake-baking, goat-herding kind of a gal, who spends all day wandering through sun drenched meadows picking wildflowers, or sewing matching playclothes for children out of old curtains. […] Read more…


Ripe for the Picking

Sometimes, I am the kind of mum who is All Business. You know the type… a frowny, grumpy lady who growls a lot about unbrushed teeth, who yells at kids with their full names before counting to three, and who says things like “Are your hands painted on?” (Thanks to my sis-in-law for that one). But really, I’m […] Read more…


Learning Curve

I can’t deny any longer that the summer break has finished. Number Two Child starts his first day of prep tomorrow, Australia Day is now behind us, and today we officially entered February. This signifies the start of the birthday season around here. Three of the five of us have February birthdays, and the extended […] Read more…


This week in stills

Summer has made us hardworking and lazy all at the same time. Long, hot days spent, with no schedule or agenda. One hour just ticking into the next. Work has focused around the veggie garden. We’ve built frames to hang the shadecloth to protect the plants during the inevitable heatwave, and we’ve put mesh around […] Read more…

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