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This week in stills

It has been a quiet week around here, with O taking our little Lord and Lady to the snow while I stayed home with baby. An unexpected consequence was that we ended up with a major backlog of eggs. Our fine feathered friends broke two records this week, laying a dozen eggs in a day (usually […] Read more…


This week in stills

In the same week we woke up to a deep, deep frost and also saw the first spring blossoms appear on the apple trees. Spring is coming, but winter has held us in an icy grip this week. Brrrr….   Read more…

Photo by slworking2

The supermoon

The movie ends, it’s 11pm, and I wander through the house switching off lights and kissing sleeping children before I go to bed. My bare feet chill to ice as I walk across the laundry tiles to feed the cat. I glance out the window. Clouds of mist fill the voids between the hills. Strange to be able […] Read more…


My Winter Garden

I’ve made a happy discovery. It seems that my garden springs into flower as winter approaches! Mum mentioned the other day that it looks like our house has a wintergarden. Lavender, daisies, a few late roses, and a whole bunch of shrubs that I don’t know the names of are filling every corner of the […] Read more…


A sea of nettles

Lately it seems that all I can think about is weeds. They’re everywhere at our place right now. The blissful few weeks of steady rain we had has brought them out with a vengeance. Two of our smaller paddocks have become a sea of stinging nettles. There are nettles as far as the eye can […] Read more…

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