Fete Day

One of the great things about having kids is going to local fetes. I LOVE school fetes. I love the petting zoos, the sausage sizzles, the cellophane-wrapped bundles of sweets, the lucky dips, the jumble sales, the craft stalls, and the home made jams.

Choc Chip Biscuits

Mmm… homemade shortbread choc chip cookies

This morning, our house was filled with excited anticipation of fete day at Mr 3’s kindergarten. I’ve learned from many hours spent waiting in queues with impatient, tired, sugar-maxxed toddlers that fete days work best when you arrive early, before the crowds. The early bird catches the sweet-tempered farm animals before they get cranky at being handled for hours on end by a river of three year olds. Face painting can really take the shine off the day when you have to wait for an eternity behind a queue of impatient toddlers who are hours past their nap time and all need to go to the toilet.

And, of course, the early bird gets first pick at the bake sale!

Bunny at the petting zoo

Bunny gets a cuddle at the petting zoo before making a bid for freedom

Our early start combined with the daylight savings changeover meant that I skipped breakfast, which is never a good idea for anyone, let alone someone halfway through a pregnancy. This meant that when we arrived at 10am I was RAVENOUS, and made a beeline for the sausage sizzle.

No community fundraising activity in Australia is complete without a sausage wrapped in a slice of white bread and smeared with tomato sauce (onions optional). I was that hungry, I could have eaten fifty of the suckers, but I restrained myself at just one, knowing I would probably end up polishing off the kids’.

I was glad, because while Little Miss was having her nails painted and Mr 3 was busy patting a guinea pig at the petting zoo, I learned that our kindy community has some truly great bakers in its midst. A mountain of the most unbelievably creamy, sweet, buttery Portugese custard tarts at the cake stall caught my eye, and I was very happy that I wasn’t full of sausage in bread.

Blue fingernails

Mr 3’s blue fingernails

I would love the recipe. Apparently they were made by someone called Sarah? I’ll make it my mission to track her down before the end of the school year.

What’s your favourite memory of school fetes?

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