Five Favourite Melbourne Restaurants

Thought I’d jot down a few of my favourite Melbourne restaurants, in no
particular order:

Best Wine/Food Match in Melbourne
Mrs Jones
312 Drummond Street, Carlton
Even though I’m never one to turn down a glass of wine, I’m not that much of an afficionado, so this one is a toughy. I think the best example of wine and food matching I have come across was at Mrs Jones in Carlton, a restaurant that sticks by the principles of cooking with seasonal food – the menu is small and changes weekly. This is one Melbourne restaurant you can’t miss. I ordered a flawless chocolate tart that was as bitter as it was sweet. When I ordered a port to go with it, the waitress suggested a Pedro Ximenez. It was dark, sweet and tinged with sin. Perfect against the chocolate intensity of the tart. A spectacular end to an outstanding meal.

Best Breakfast in Melbourne
Church St, Richmond
I’d almost forgotten about this place as I haven’t been there in ages. Pearl in Richmond serves a heart stopping coddled eggs with caviar. Imagine a big cube of bread hollowed out and filled with eggy buttery breakfasty goodness. Mmmm…

Best Pasta in Melbourne
Acland St, St Kilda
After much thought, I’ll have to go with Cicciolina in St Kilda. Last time I was there it was cold and wet outside and I had a hearty ragout with orichiette. Cicciolina never misses. Best pasta of all melbourne restaurants. That’s quite a claim.

Best Winter Stodge in Melbourne
Fitzroy St, St Kilda
This one has to go to the king of hearty cooking, Ian Hewitson. His restaurant, Tolarno, has always been my first pick for dinner out on a cold winters night. Think lamb shanks, bangers and mash, and a host of rib-sticking classics. Sadly Tolarno is closing down in 27 May after 15 years. This is one Melbourne restaurant I will be very sorry to see go. Thanks for some great meals Huey!

Best Tapas in Melbourne
Hosier Lane, Melbourne
I can’t go past the scallops (heaven on a half shell) and the stuffed capsicum. I just love tapas. It’s perfect for someone like me, who is never satisfied with just one dish! Movida’s secret weapon is the churros at the end of the meal – long batons of Spanish doughnut dunked in velvetty chocolate. *Drool*

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