Foodie Mecca at the Queen Victoria Markets

One of my favourite places in Melbourne is the Queen Victoria Markets. This place has everything you could ever need to indulge in any food fantasy imaginable.


I can clearly remember the first time I walked through the doors of the deli section when I first moved to Melbourne seven years ago. I was absolutely stunned. My mouth fell open in awe – I’d never seen, smelled or heard anything like it!


The scent of cheese, salamis, bread and marinated vegetables hit me in the face the second I walked through the doors. I felt like I was making a pilgrimage! This was heaven!


The vegetables and meat are exceptional. Yesterday I bought some artichokes, beetroot, fennel, and a bunch of other stuff I’ll cook tonight. V exciting…


Now to get the Blogathon cooking underway, I am starting with a lamb tagine in the slow cooker.

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