There’s nothing crumby at Cookie

As if the great name and fantastic atmosphere weren’t enough, Cookie’s bar menu really melts my chocolate chips.

I’ve been popping in at Cookie for a few sneaky drinks for quite a while now. I’ve always loved their cocktails and the way the bartenders put so much care into even a simple drink, like vodka soda and lime.

But amazingly, it wasn’t until the other weekend that I’d ever tasted the food there, and now I am kicking myself for having wasted so many opportunities for a great meal.

The Thai-inspired menu is divided into three sections: small, medium and large dishes. It’s the perfect way to order when you’re out having a few drinks with friends.

With eight of us there on a Sunday afternoon (celebrating O’s and my engagement the day before!), we had the chance to try lots of different dishes. Chicken maryland, taro dumplings, massaman curry and tapioca dumplings. Mmm mmm.

Strangely enough, the best Thai food I had that week was at Cookie. Why was this strange? Considering I’d spent the week on holiday in Phuket, it was a little weird. I love Thai food, but a tourist hot-spot is not the best place to find authentic cuisine. Next time we’ll have to get a little further off the beaten track.

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  1. Mark D
    July 19, 2006 at 11:25 am (13 years ago)

    Have you noticed there is always one or two Italian meals at Cookie as well? We were told that there’s two owner/chefs, one Italian and one Thai. So along with your massaman curries and taro variations you can whack in slow cooked shanks with olives et al.


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