Tony Starr’s Kitten Club

Little Collins St, Melbourne

I’ve heard about it for ages, but last Friday night was my first visit to Tony Starr’s Kitten Club. O and I met Kathryn and Tim for a few drinks before moving on to dinner at Grossi Florentino and then on to see Arj Barker’s Comedy Festival show.

Sounds civilised, doesn’t it?

Well, we never made it to Grossi Florentino. Dinner consisted of some UNBELIEVABLE chicken nibbly bits at the Kitten Club (it was after quite a few drinks, so I am not quite sure how amazing they actually tasted or whether my tastebuds were too inebriated to know the difference. Let’s face it – chicken usually tastes pretty good to me), before gorging ourselves on KFC while waiting in the Arj Barker queue outside on Swanston St.

From the lofty ideals of Grossi Florentino, to drunken Zinger burgers on the street. Yes, my range is astounding, I know.

I did, however, make an excellent discovery at the Kitten Club. It’s called a Bunny Girl, and it’s a very frou frou mixture of rose petal infused 42 Below vodka, lemon juice, manin rose syrup, Frangelico, lychee juice and pink grapefruit.

I was so pleased with this discovery that I rediscovered it again and again about three or four times in a row.

After a while I felt like I should have been wearing false eyelashes and a feather boa.

In fact, looking back on that blurry night, it’s possible that I was.

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