This week in stills

It has been a quiet week around here, with O taking our little Lord and Lady to the snow while I stayed home with baby. An unexpected consequence was that we ended up with a major backlog of eggs. Our fine feathered friends┬ábroke two records this week, laying a dozen eggs in a day (usually they lay around 8-10), and they also laid the largest egg we’ve seen so far, weighing in at a whopping 85g.

So today was egg day, and I managed to create a very eggy menu for some friends who visited. We started the day with a double batch of crepes (8 eggs, if you use Julia Child’s recipe), and moved on to a quiche lorraine and a spinach and brie quiche for lunch (20 eggs). This was followed by a Beesting for dessert (recipe called for 5 large eggs, I used about 8 of our mid-sized ones).

Altogether a grand total of 36 eggs were used in the creation of today’s menu, which certainly helped us make a dent in the backlog. Thanks for lunch, chookies!


Apple blossoms and spiderwebs in the orchard. Spring is coming!


Cutie pie


Drawing, drawing, drawing…


A misty morning


Spinach and Brie Quiche


Gumboots, PJs, polar fleece and daffodils.


Baby hands


Mandarins are only a few weeks away

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